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About me

I am a self-employed programmer and technical leader who educate about JavaScript, microservices, and composable commerce.

Since 2013, I have been developing web applications using JavaScript on the frontend and backend side. I also had a great adventure with the eCommerce system Magento, now known as Adobe Commerce.

Sharing knowledge and mentoring people has become natural, so I have started organizing training and workshops, writing articles, guides and technical documentation.

I’m glad you came to my website. I hope you find something for yourself here. 🙂

What I offer

Frontend development

Freelance programming services

As a front-end developer, I can help enhance your website’s online presence. I can assist you whether you need a new website or an existing site optimized for mobile and performance. I also offer e-commerce website development services, building MVPs, custom applications and PWAs. Contact me today to start your next project!

User manuals, guides, documentation and more

Technical writing involves creating and organizing technical documents like user manuals, product specs, and procedural guides. My service provides high-quality documentation tailored to clients’ needs. I work closely with clients to ensure that the documentation meets their requirements.

technical writing
content marketing

Articles and tutorials for your blog

Struggling to attract website traffic? My SEO copywriting service can help! I create engaging content tailored to your needs, with industry and audience-specific research. Expect increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings with our SEO-optimized content. Order today and take your content to the next level!

My recent work


Open source projects

I was a contributor to Magento and PWA Studio, also I have worked as the leader of the team that created the integration of VSF with Magento 2.


There are dozens of articles on my blog. There you will find articles, simple guides and something for the more advanced.

Customer reviews

What do people say about me?

Marcin is a significant part of the success of the Magento/Adobe community and our work with PWA Studio and Venia. Marcin delivered our essential desktop experience for PWA in early 2021, which addressed a top customer need. He is a regular contributor in our community and continues to create content and examples for others to get started, which is highly appreciated. Beyond the work itself, Marcin is always open to feedback and serves as a model for open source contribution. We're grateful for his help and support!

Eric Erway
Group Product Manager, Adobe Commerce

Working with Marcin was a delight, and I truly hope that this was only one in many more opportunities to come in the near future. He is a talented Frontend Engineer (with strong UX and programming things understanding) and inspirational Team Leader, always willing to take on any task or help others with theirs. He is also a great communicator, collaborator, and extremely passionate about what he is doing.

Bartosz Picho

Knowledge base

business requirements
Software architecture
Marcin Kwiatkowski

Is gathering business requirements really difficult? Discover the truth

Does gathering business requirements really have to be difficult? Get ready to discover techniques that will help you revolutionize how you gather and understand business needs. Whether you’re an experienced software architect or a technical leader, this article will provide practical tips to speed up your requirements-gathering process and deliver better results. Learn the secret to effective business requirements gathering and stop stressing about collecting requirements!

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software architecture
Software architecture
Marcin Kwiatkowski

Software architecture explained: Key concepts for developers

Can anyone explain what software architecture is? Whether you are an experienced programmer or just starting your adventure with application development, this article is for you. I will show you the concepts that form the foundation of every successful software project. Thanks to this, you will gain the confidence and knowledge necessary for designing and creating applications that will work according to expectations and meet the requirements of both users and businesses.

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cognitive load
Software architecture
Marcin Kwiatkowski

Cognitive Load in Teamwork: How to Optimize Performance?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel overwhelmed with work while other times everything seems to go smoothly? Why sometimes thinking and problem-solving difficult for you, while other times are easier? There is a concept that helps you understand how much cognitive effort you need to put into your work. It’s the cognitive load theory, which can help you minimize cognitive effort and work more efficiently.

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