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Hello, my name is Marcin Kwiatkowski, and I am a full-stack web developer focused on frontend and eCommerce. I have eight years of experience in software development, and I would be super excited to help with your project.

Marcin Kwiatkowski
Marcin Kwiatkowski

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What I do

Since 2013, I have been converting designs for fully functioning websites and eCommerce stores. I deliver clean, stable, mobile-first HTML/CSS code. I work with the most popular frameworks like React, NextJS, Vue, Nuxt, Vue Storefront, and PWA Studio

I can covert any design to a high-quality website that works fast and meets Core Web Vitals, HTML & Accessibility standards.

Design to HTML

Fast on mobile to meet customers' expectations

Mobile-first responsive Websites

Because using mobile devices to browse the internet is constantly increasing, websites should be optimized for mobile. I can convert any mobile design to a fast mobile-first website that is responsive and looks good on other devices such as tablets or desktops.

On the other hand, if you don't have a mobile design but want a website that looks good on mobile devices, I can do it without design. I am happy to cooperate with UX and Graphic designers to provide quality work to build a beautiful excellent user experience.

REST, GraphQL, API Gateways

Easy to integrate with APIs

Web development is something more than HTML/CSS. I built many projects integrated with some specific platforms like WordPress, Magento, Adobe Experience Manager, Srtoryblok, Strapi, custom backends, etc.

As a freelancer, I am open to software development jobs. I can integrate HTML code with digital marketing platforms, headless CMS, backend systems, custom APIs, and eCommerce platforms. Still, if because for some reason, you want to manage that part by yourself, I will provide you with HTML code that is easy to integrate with APIs and backend systems.

Easy to integrate with API

Marcin is a significant part of the success of the Magento/Adobe community and our work with PWA Studio and Venia. Marcin delivered our essential desktop experience for PWA in early 2021, which addressed a top customer need. He is a regular contributor in our community and continues to create content and examples for others to get started, which is highly appreciated. Beyond the work itself, Marcin is always open to feedback and serves as a model for open source contribution. We're grateful for his help and support!

Eric Erway - Group Product Manager, Adobe Commerce
architecting apps

Convert your idea to code


I can turn your idea into an MVP (minimal viable product), by architecting and implementing thoughtful solutions that meet your requirements.

Modern web development is quite tricky. Microservices, micro frontends, headless, API-first applications, PWAs – those all require experienced developers with architecting skills. As a freelancer, I can help your business with architecting frontend parts in your App, communications with backends, API methods, and so on.

React, Next JS, Vue, Nuxt

Writing code

Coding the whole project or working with your team. New features, bug fixing, performance improvements. All you wish.

coding javascript

Working with Marcin was a delight, and I truly hope that this was only one in many more opportunities to come in the near future. He is a talented Frontend Engineer (with strong UX and programming things understanding) and inspirational Team Leader, always willing to take on any task or help others with theirs. He is also a great communicator, collaborator, and extremely passionate about what he is doing.

Bartosz Picho - Divante

Code audit

The code review process improves a code's quality and teaches developers how to write better code. Making code review efficiently is an important job and a crucial part of development. I can do that job and review your code.

code review
headless commerce

Magento, Vue Storefront, PWA Studio and custom solutions


I have five years of experience with Magento development on both frontend and backend sides.

Moreover, I was a PWA Studio contributor and technical leader of Vue Storefront 2 integration for Magento 2.

I would use my knowledge to help your business grow.

I hereby confirm that Marcin Kwiatkowski has worked for us on various web projects in the field of coding websites. A fast growth of my company forced me to outsource some projects based on coding Sketch designs to HTML 5 / CSS 3 / jQuery. This is why I approached Marcin who has been successfully and efficiently providing support for our company INFIGO. Since Marcin is very flexible, our communication went smoothly from the very beginning and we have quickly found common ground. The delivered code meets my high expectations and Marcin has an excellent eye for detail, he's very accurate, and work according to web standards, such as W3C and WCAG. Additionally, all projects are done on time, within the previously specified deadline and budget. Therefore, I can sleep peacefully when we work together. Our cooperation brings satisfying effects and I hope to stay in contact with Marcin and keep receiving the high quality services he provides. I can sincerely recommend Marcin as a professional partner in terms of coding websites - front-end development.

Robert Pakszys - Infigo

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If you need help with your project, discuss something with me or hang out, I am happy to talk with you.

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