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About me

I am a programmer and solution architect based in Wrocław, Poland. Since 2013, I have been developing web applications using JavaScript on the frontend and backend. I also had a great experience with the Magento eCommerce system now known as Adobe Commerce. 

Recently, I have been working a lot with Google Cloud and helping companies and entrepreneurs with digital transformation.

I’m glad you came to my website. I hope you find something for yourself here. 🙂

What I offer

converting designs into working software

Freelance programming services

I have been operating in the eCommerce industry for 10 years as a programmer and solution architect. My extensive experience allows me to create well-performed and good-looking storefronts. By working with me, you get a partner who deeply understands the market challenges and adapts the strategy to your needs. Do you want to strengthen your online presence and increase sales? Take advantage of my expertise and give your business an advantage.

From idea to MVP - without technical barriers and high costs

Have a great idea but don’t know how to make it happen? Take advantage of the experience of an IT expert who will help you transform your visions into functional MVPs. Thanks to a practical approach, you will achieve your intended goal and significantly save on implementation costs. Don’t let technical barriers stand in the way of your success – choose professional support and implement your project!

Product MVP

My recent work


Open source projects

I was a contributor to Magento and PWA Studio, also I have worked as the leader of the team that created the integration of VSF with Magento 2.

Vue Storefront Console

As a technical leader and software architect, I was responsible for the development of the VSF Console product.

Customer reviews

What do people say about me?

Marcin is a significant part of the success of the Magento/Adobe community and our work with PWA Studio and Venia. Marcin delivered our essential desktop experience for PWA in early 2021, which addressed a top customer need. He is a regular contributor in our community and continues to create content and examples for others to get started, which is highly appreciated. Beyond the work itself, Marcin is always open to feedback and serves as a model for open source contribution. We're grateful for his help and support!

Eric Erway
Group Product Manager, Adobe Commerce

Working with Marcin was a delight, and I truly hope that this was only one in many more opportunities to come in the near future. He is a talented Frontend Engineer (with strong UX and programming things understanding) and inspirational Team Leader, always willing to take on any task or help others with theirs. He is also a great communicator, collaborator, and extremely passionate about what he is doing.

Bartosz Picho

Knowledge base

AHA! Let's bring back the simplicity of the Frontend

AHA! Let’s bring back the simplicity of Frontend

Have you wondered why, in this day and age, when we have access to the latest technologies and solutions, IT projects still fail? Don’t you think that we complicate our lives and work in many cases instead of simplifying it? Sometimes less is more, especially in the world of frontend! Read on to learn what an AHA stack is and how to do frontend more simply.

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